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Epoxy Primer WB

Epoxy Primer WB is a multipurpose waterborne primer and sealer, based upon a unique chemistry that aids the application of other products, including resurfacers, liners, and coatings to green concrete. Epoxy Primer WB is applied to eliminate the conventional 28 day cure time by deeply penetrating into the pores of the fresh concrete surfaces and bonding securely to the concrete as well as the overlayment. This primer/sealer provides substantial savings in both cost and downtime. Epoxy Primer WB is an ideal substitute for curing compounds, hardeners or sealants for new concrete because it prevents the rapid dehydration of new concrete and eliminates concrete dusting, resulting in a better cure and higher concrete strengths.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast curing
  • Adheres to damp concrete or masonry
  • Can be used with additional toppings
  • Eliminates concrete dust
  • Eliminates the 28 day concrete cure time
  • Good resistance to common chemicals
  • Prevents shrinkage cracks
  • Minimal odor
  • Reduces downtimes and construction time
  • Improves concrete strength
  • Can be applied over asphalt
  • Roller, brush or spray application


  • Immediate overlayment of new concrete surfaces
  • Wall board sealant
  • Sealing new or old concrete floors
  • Substitute for concrete curing compounds
  • Primer for coatings on new concrete
  • Eliminating flash rusting of steel
  • Strengthening existing concrete
  • Over new cementitious grouts or caps used to pitch grade or fill existing surfaces


A water based primer primarily use don newer concrete to increase bond of a repair or coating system.


1.5 gallon units. Part A is packaged in a metal pail, Part B in a plastic jug. 15 gallon units available on special order.

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