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Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete

Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete combines advanced filler technology and Vinyl Ester resins to create a polymer concrete with outstanding chemical resistance and physical properties. This material conquers the toughest chemical environments while eliminating many of the problems traditionally associated with vinyl ester materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior chemical and temperature re-sistance
  • Rapid Set Time (variable)
  • Pourable or trowelable
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • Unequaled physical properties


Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete is perfect for grouting, re-grouting, anchoring, and repairing concrete in extreme chemical exposure areas.

Applications include:

  • Chemical pump bases
  • Secondary Containment
  • Curbs and walls
  • Slope or pitch floors
  • Tank lining
  • Floor repairs

Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete can be poured in thicknesses from 1” to 8”. Can be poured in lifts for deeper applications.


Pulp & Paper

This is the basic coating for caustic areas of the mill. It’s mostly used in pulping chemical areas and the recovery boiler.

Chemical Processing

This is the basic coating for caustic areas of the plant like mixing or truck unloading.

Mining & Minerals

This is the basic coating for caustic areas of the mil/plant. It’s mostly where caustics are added to process water or slurry to control the PH.


Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete is available in 0.5 cu. ft. units and 3 cu. ft. units, each containing three components: a resin (Part A), a catalyst (Part B) and an aggregate (Part C).

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