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Liquid Flow Epoxy Grout

Liquid Flow Epoxy Grout is a high strength, fast setting epoxy material used for grouting, regrouting and anchoring equipment, and designed for maximum flowability. Liquid Flow Epoxy features an extremely low viscosity for superior flow, leveling and air release. Strong vibration and impact resistance plus superior chemical resistance to most industrial chemicals make this grout a superior choice for applications covering long distances or tight clearances.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum flowability allows for grouting over long distances and in minimal clearances
  • Low odor formulation
  • High resistance to impact and vibration
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Self-leveling
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Quick and easy installation with superior flow


Liquid Flow Epoxy Grout is designed for grouting, re-grouting and anchoring sensitive or heavy equipment that may be exposed to impact, vibration, torque load, or other stresses. Superior flow rates and self-leveling qualities make this material perfect for use under machine bases and sole plates or for anchoring bolts. Applications include:

  • Equipment bases
  • Tower and turbine bases
  • Equipment or bar anchoring
  • Precision aligned equipment
  • Rebuilding equipment foundations
  • Heavy vibration applications
  • Crane rails
  • Applications with chemical exposure

Use when clearances are up to 1/2 inch. With a 1/4to 1/2 clearance, expect flows of about 4 ft. with a 3in. head.


This epoxy is designed to go where an aggregate filled epoxy grout won’t go. It can be used to fill voids down to 1/8” or as deep as 1”. It also has the advantage of having a much longer working time to insure it gets where you need it before it starts to set.


Liquid Flow Epoxy Grout is packaged in 25 lb. kits yielding 0.24 cu. ft. The kit contains two parts: Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener).

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