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stratarock - epoxy primer fx

Epoxy Primer FX

Stratarock's Epoxy Primer FX is a two component, 100% solids epoxy resin based product designed as a flexible primer or binder for concrete, steel and other substrates. It is intended for use in areas where thermal or mechanical shock and minor substrate movement is expected. Epoxy Primer FX will penetrate and seal small cracks and function as a membrane under additional coating or flooring materials.


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Stratarock - Epoxy Primer SF

Epoxy Primer SF

Stratarock's Epoxy Primer SF is a 100% solids, moisture tolerant, 2 part epoxy primer and sealer. This product provides excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and other substrates as a primer for other Stratarock products. Available for horizontal or vertical applications and can be used as a mortar for trowel-down patching applications. The broad application temperature range of this material (50° F-80° F) makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.


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Stratarock - Epoxy Primer WB

Epoxy Primer WB

Stratarock’s Epoxy Primer WB is a multipurpose waterborne primer and sealer, based on a unique chemistry that aids the application of other products including resurfacers, liners and coatings to green concrete. It eliminates the conventional 28 day cure time of fresh concrete by penetrating deeply and bonding to both the concrete as well as the overlayment. Epoxy Primer WB is an ideal substitute for curing compounds, hardeners or sealants for new concrete because it prevents rapid dehydration of new concrete and eliminates concrete dusting, resulting in a better cure and higher concrete strength.


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Epoxy Sealer - Stratarock

Epoxy Sealer

Stratarock’s Epoxy Sealer is a 100% solids epoxy coating designed for application in corrosive environments. This product may be used as either a topcoat or a sealer. When used as a topcoat, this two-component epoxy enhances the chemical and abrasion resistant properties of flooring systems while increasing the ability to clean floors. As a concrete floor sealer, it offers superior protection for new and old surfaces.


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Novolac Coating - Stratarock

Novolac Coating

Stratarock’s Novolac Coating is a 100% solids epoxy novolac coating designed for applications in extremely corrosive environments. It may be used as either a topcoat for trowel or slurry floors or as a stand-alone coating. When used as a topcoat, Novolac Coating improves chemical and abrasion resistance. As a coating for concrete, it offers protection from a wide variety of chemicals, including concentrated sulfuric acid.


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Vinyl Ester Primer Quick Cure

Stratarock's Vinyl Ester Primer Quick Cure is a single component urethane primer designed to insure the maximum adhesion of polyester and vinyl ester systems to concrete, steel and other surfaces. Although designed primarily as a primer, Vinyl Ester Primer Quick Cure offers superior abrasion and chemical resistance compared to other moisture cure urethanes when used as a concrete sealer


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Vinyl Ester Coating High Temp

Stratarock's Vinyl Ester Coating High Temp is a high performance vinyl ester based coating which is applied in aggregate filled layers to provide a dense, non-porous finish. This material provides outstanding resistance to oils, fats, water and corrosive liquids, exceptional physical strengths, and resistance to abrasion, scratching, scuffing, staining, denting, bacteria and fungus. Vinyl Ester Coating High Temp needs no waxing and is lightweight and easily installed. U.S.D.A. approved for incidental food contact.


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