stratarock - thin pour epoxy grout

Thin Pour Epoxy

Stratarock’s Thin Pour Epoxy is an exceptional high strength, fast setting industrial epoxy grout designed for grouting, re-grouting and anchoring equipment. Our two component, 100 % solids Thin Pour Epoxy has superior flow rates for easy penetration under machine bases or sole plates. Excellent resistance to a broad range of chemical and abrasive conditions and resistance to vibration and impact enhance machine operation. Minimal surface preparation and easy installation eliminate costly downtime. Easy to use grouting techniques allow a machine to be reset without removal in most situations. Quick setting and special curing features allow operation in as little as 6 hours after installation.


Datasheet (PDF) || Datasheet (SPANISH PDF)

stratarock - liguid flow epoxy grout

Liquid Flow Epoxy

Stratarock’s Liquid Flow Epoxy is a low odor, 100% solids epoxy grout. This is an exceptionally high strength, fast setting epoxy material designed for grouting, regrouting and anchoring equipment, combining these outstanding physical properties with low odor. Liquid Flow Epoxy features a superior surface which allows low viscosity for superior flow, leveling and air release. Vibration and impact resistance plus superior chemical resistance to most industrial chemicals make this grout a perfect choice.


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stratarock - construction grout

Construction Grout

A flowable, high strength, non-shrink, non-corrosive, non-staining industrial grout that is compatible in appearance with ordinary concrete. This product contains no metallic aggregates, accelerators, chlorides or oxidizing catalysts.


Datasheet (PDF) || Datasheet (SPANISH PDF)